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How GoodBandits ™ came about.

Good Bandits ™ is an initiative of Max Antonius Catharina Lumbela Yambu . This half Congolese / half Dutch boy kicked everything he could kick. He flouted rules and did not make life easy for his mother. Silly bad boys such as pulling a bell and taking a knife to school got a criminal touch . When, after years of misery, Max was suspected of preparing a robbery at the age of 17, he thought it was time to take the helm. Working, taking care of his young family and being a father. But he was quickly bored in working. After struggling with inner discontent for several years, Max got an idea where he could finally recognize some satisfaction. Pulling the rudder was not enough. The helm had to change . A different course with a higher purpose . After all, why change, if you can get the best villain in yourself.

Hello Good Bandits.