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Who We are

“At the end of the day, We fight for the Good who cannot fight for themselves. If that makes us Bandits , so be it. ”

We are 21st century rebels who want to fight for people who don't get a fair chance. Here we work just like Robin Hood. With a different view of fair and therefore fair sharing, with the people who have less in our world. (See our blogs and see what we already do)

But unfortunately life is not a fairy tale. Because you know as well as We do, that Robin Hood really can no longer walk in bright green dungarees with knee socks on the street, we give this fairytale a new look (shirt). We believe it is time for a change. We cannot achieve this without a determined community. We therefore greatly appreciate all support. For this we thank all our customers and all contacts who have made this possible.

What We Do


Our clothes are for those who care about the world of tomorrow and want to look good. Every product that is produced by us is produced in an honest manner. Good Bandtis stands for protecting those who have less in our society. Our collections are therefore also made with fabrics that harm our world as little as possible! Each original product has a flag with bandit stripes. for all bandits among us ..


Fair Trade is something Good Bandits is committed to. A clothing line that donates 10% of the profit to charity and meets all fair trade standards and values. We hope to set a good example with this and that several will follow

Get in Touch

Thank you for your interest. Feel free to send us a message about anything you want. If you have any fun and / or good ideas, don't hesitate and just get in touch.

We look forward to seeing your message!

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